Relocating to a new home can be one of the stressful moments for you. More so, it becomes daunting when you lack the logistics or if you have bulky items like pianos, or a large business or home, then that makes the whole experience near impossible to the DIY’er. Professional movers and packers in Melbourne, FL vary among different companies. but don’t worry as we offer affordable moving help in our city and surrounding areas.

Whether you are looking for local moving companies in Melbourne Florida or you want some moving help, we are always ready to lend a hand. Besides, our movers and packers are prepared around the clock to help you move your items quickly and into place. We also work hard to provide relevant information that will suit your moving needs.

Florida’s Reliable Moving Services’ task is to make moving as smooth as possible and we have the resources and equipment that will facilitate it. Besides that, we offer reasonable prices and we attend to our clients within the required time frame. Whether you are moving alone, with your family or business, we will provide moving help quotes locally in Melbourne, FL that will suit your needs.

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Important information when preparing for your move:

I. Covid Awareness
Over the last few months. the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) has tripled, which has, to a larger extent affected moving services. But while theWor1d Health Organization (WHO) recommends social distancing to everyone, some services like moving, cannot wait. So, how do we operate during this pandemic?

Well, if you are inquiring whether moving services are available, then the answer is Yes! There are no major moving companies that have closed during this season, and if there are some, then it could be the decision of the individual owners. That aside. if you’re worried about moving during this epidemic because of the virus, then you have no reason to as we have taken the recommended steps to prevent the infection.

Our movers adhere to the correct hygiene practices on the job, including constantly washing hands, sanitizing our trucks and equipment, and wearing protective gloves. This ensures they’re safe at all times and also helps to prevent the passing of germs or viruses. Also we carry soaps, towels, and sanitizers for personal hygiene. We urge you to practice the same. If you or any of your family members have any coronavirus symptoms, then notify us in advance so that our team will take extra precautions. Also, we recommend you disinfect your home, items, and where you will move to in order to combat the virus.

II. How to Clean Residence
Well, now you have packed your belongings (unless you have hired us to do so prior) and hired our moving services, so what is next? It’s always ideal for cleaning the place thoroughly as it is beneficial to both parties. However, most people ignore move-out cleaning as it can be difficult getting to areas without moving the furniture. This is where our local movers come in to assist!

First get hold of the necessary cleaning supplies at hand. These include disinfecting cleaners, baking soda, glass cleaners, dusting cloths, bristled soft scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, and rubber gloves, etc. then start by cleaning the items you will be moving. These are household items such as furniture and household appliances that you intend to carry to your new home. You don’t want to carry all the dust and dirt in the new place now do you? So, clean the items days before moving out pack them, and prepare them for the shipment before our movers arrive.

You should then clean your home to ensure it is impeccably neat before leaving out. However, before you clean the house. first start by removing any nails, holes, and screws in the walls. Also clear stains, smudges, and vacuum the walls and the ceiling vents. After the walls wash the windows, glass, and mirrors using a quality glass cleaner. Then dust the surfaces in your home to remove cobwebs and vacuum the upholstery and drapes to remove dust and dirt. Empty the waste buckets and proceed to the kitchen. In the kitchen. clean the cabinets, appliances, surfaces, countertop, and finish by scrubbing the sink and faucets. Now, complete the process by deep cleaning the bedroom and living room.

III. How to Check Multiple Review references for authenticity
Getting reliable movers can be hard in the industry, as everyone claims to offer the best products or services. However, the best way of doing so is getting testimonials from previous customers, professional organization credentials, and checking the consumer reports ratings. Also, check online reviews to get a moving company with an impressive track record, high ratings, and positive reviews. Nowadays anyone with an email can leave a review rating which is why it is important to find verified reviews from multiple sources.

IV. Moving Checklist
8 to 12 weeks before moving: Moving out is an expensive affair and it’s important to prepare for the purposes of budgeting and preparation. During this time. you should save money for the new house, remove clutter items in your home, find a moving company, and think of the best interior decor plan for your new home. Also find boxes that you will use during move. Moving day: On the moving day. you should wake up early so that you will have enough time to prepare well. Then pack the final items to the right boxes at least an hour before the movers arrive.

In the New Home: Once you arrive in your new home, you should first unpack your items, hang the curtains. and check whether the utilities such as water and electricity are working. Once you are done: get some rest, then you will organize other items later.

V. Packing Personal Belongings
Personal items such as toothbrushes. bathroom slippers. towels. and utensils must remain still until the actual day you will move. Pack these items well before the movers arrive. Also, make sure the box you are packing them to is safe and disinfected. If you have any food or other items in the fridge that may go bad, then dispose of them.

VI. Caring for your pet during the move
The moving day is one of the most stressful for a pet Just like us humans, pets are attached to their current homes. and they will be disturbed once they move to a new place. During this day. familiarize her with the move by bringing the boxes early. During the moving process, keep her in a quiet and secure room as she may try to escape during this time. Finally, when moving place your pet in a crate and give it food so that they can eat as they travel.

When you buy a product or service, you always want to make sure that it’s of a higher quality. If you are in Melbourne Florida or neighboring areas and you want to move, then you will have to search the local moving companies cost Melbourne, FL. Searching local movers Melbourne FL is crucial as it helps you know the cost of moving your items to a new home. Let us take the worry and hassle by allowing us to provide our decade of service in Palm Bay/Melbourne, FL for over a decade! Contact us today for quality moving and packing services at 321-292-6683 today!

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